Books by best selling author Luanne Nelson and some extraordinary friends.

Identity Effect

THE IDENTITY EFFECT - AND IDENTITY IN CHRIST DEVOTIONAL COMPANION BOOK Who are we in Jesus Christ? Luanne Nelson has described herself in these new soon to be released books as a New Creation and a Servant of God. Luanne describes how she was Rescued and Delivered; how she was Healed and now is a Witness to His unfathomable Mercy, Luanne truly is a Warrior for Christ!

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Tipping Tables: Seven Deadly Sins and Stories of Redemption

What is a sin and what is not a sin? Are some sins more serious than other sins? How do I get rid of the sins that seems to be stacking up out of control in my life? Is there any hope for me? Should I care? Should I take another happy pill and just forget about the whole thing? Is anger a sin? I hope not because I am ticked off a lot. Am I really going to burn in hell if I shack up with my boyfriend? How many cookies are too many? Discover the answer to these questions and more in this very timely and important book!

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The Breakthrough Effect

THE BREAKTHROUGH EFFECT True testimonies of powerful breakthroughs in careers, families, and personal identity. These are stories about overcoming struggles ranging from violent attacks to the loss of loved ones. Learn about faith, truth, personal responsibility, proper tools, and solid support to get you through the life-changing breakthrough your spirit needs! Inspirational. Motivational. Transformational.

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A Few Words on Becoming Holy Whole & Fit

Becoming Holy, Whole & Fit I believe women WANT to be holy, whole, and fit in their spirits, souls, and bodies. We want to be who God created us to be! Victorious. Overcoming. Champions. This book will take you on a spiritual journey! The four pillars of our physical health (nutrition, exercise, rest, and water) have clear and obvious spiritual counterparts and are all crucial to our health and growth as Christians. These extraordinary devotions will lead you through Nutrition of the Word, Exercising Your Faith, the Rest of God, and the Water of the Spirit.

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The Miracle Effect

“Jesus is still in the miracle business!” shares one of the twenty women who reveal the true, short stories of real miracles that took place in their lives. “The Miracle Effect,” from FEW International Publications, follows these extraordinary women through the lows of life and highs of an eternal and loving God of mercy and grace. From Cancer remissions, lung transplants, and illnesses, to parenthood, friendships, and marriage, to today’s most talked about topics such as PTSD, abortion, and same sex attraction, this collection of soul-enriching stories drives again and again to the heart of a loving God and the miracles He can (and does) still perform in lives today. The collection, inspired by Micah 7:15, which tells us: “…I will show you miracles,” will make you cry, laugh, relate, and recognize the Hand of God in everything from the mundane to the…well…miraculous! This is a book of inspiration, hope and love.

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