Dr. Luanne Nelson is highly overeducated. She knows way too much, even though she says she doesn’t and keeps going back to school. She has traveled a lot, including through the Scandinavian countries, Italy and the enchanted land called Alaska where she stayed for a few years, barely escaping with her life after being chased out of town.
The Yukon Territory is probably not as pretty as she remembers it. The view of freedom and safety streaking past you while driving at a high speed makes places seem much more magnificent than they really are in real life.

One of her favorite travel memories is the beautiful smile on the weathered face of an old woman selling her unsalted pistachios in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her eyes knew. They just did. They would have talked for hours had they spoken the same language.

Dr. Nelson has died a few times, waking up to realize God breathed life back into her. This, of course, changed everything. Her Creator knew she was clumsy and could be easily distracted, so He allowed it to happen more than once. He would know. He made her. Although inconvenient, she really didn’t mind. She knows she’s in good hands.
She wears black all the time, thinking no one will notice her. If you do catch a sighting, look closely. She subtly fidgets. This is because she used to be a chain smoker. Oh, and an alcoholic. That, too. She abandoned both deadly habits several decades ago to prevent premature skin wrinkling and cirrhosis of the liver. It wasn’t easy. Both involved serious miracles.

Luanne counsels the weary, ignites fire under the rear ends of reprobates, and prays with the homeless because she used to be one. She understands. Stuff happens.

Some people can’t stand her and others absolutely love her. She tries not to notice. She knows it’s not about her anyway.


And we know that God causes all things to work together for good
to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

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