A Few Words on Becoming Holy Whole & Fit

Excerpt One:
Half a lifetime ago, when I was in my thirties, my life was a total mess. If there was a bad relationship to get into, I was smack dab in the middle of it, saluting the strife. I had no idea how to get it right, so I went to a marriage counselor I found in the Yellow Pages. He told me my life sounded like a bad B-rated movie and suggested finding a quiet place under a tree or in a pew somewhere to talk to my Dad about the whole thing. I didn’t know it at the time; he meant God.

Excerpt Two:
It’s one of the paradoxes that keeps me wondering. Water is cleansing. Water is thirst-quenching. Our bodies are over 65 percent water. Yet, too much water can kill. Water the life-giver. Water the murderer. I’ve lived next to a creek, a river, a lake and an ocean. The roars and thunderous claps of the water, the gentle ebb and flow, the beauty of it all, the terror of it all. My body can live without food for weeks; without water, I am delirious within days and dead in a week. If I don’t stay hydrated while I am working out, I cramp and fizzle; too much water and I feel nauseous. What contradiction in your life keeps you awake at night?

Excerpt Three:
The first time I heard I was supposed to love my body, I thought the notion was ridiculous. My feet are flat as a duck’s and my knees dislocate on an ice cube. The list of imperfections goes on and on. I was always the last one on the bench to be picked for a team.

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A Few
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The four pillars of our physical health (nutrition, exercise, rest, and water) have clear and obvious spiritual counterparts and are all crucial to our health and growth as Christians. These extraordinary devotions written by 15 women will lead you through Nutrition of the Word, Exercising Your Faith, the Rest of God, and the Water of the Spirit.

A 120 Day Devotional for Spirit, Soul and Body


Reviews on Amazon:

(5 Stars) I gave my mother this book as a gift. So glad I did! She just loves it. Helps to keep her on track and focus on her spiritual health. Great read for any women in your life.

(5 Stars) I bought “Becoming Holy, Whole & Fit” because I read the Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Miracle Effect” which was co-authored by many of these same women. They share their personal battles and God’s healing in their lives which makes their books very relatable. Having several different authors involved gives you a wider range of battles encountered than it would if it was just a single author. The journaling section provides you with an area to write down how God spoke to you through the devotion, or to note if you are struggling with the same issue presented. You can look back on these in the future and note how God has worked things out in your life.

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