A Few Words of Comfort for the Grieving

Words of Comfort for the Grieving

Excerpt One:
There is more than one way to die. There is more than one way to murder someone. Gossip kills.

The aftermath of death by gossip is devastating. What went on there was devastating (Romans 1:29-32).

Excerpt Two:
There is a certain hope, an expectation really, that people will be kind. Cool heads and warm hearts will always prevail, right? We all know this isn’t what happens. We live in a fallen world and there are times it falls right on us.

Excerpt Three:
He was bigger than life to me. He taught me how to ride a bike and how to drive a car. He taught me patience, kindness and how to forgive. Then, he taught me how to die.

A Few
of Comfort
for the

The One-Year Companion
for the Brokenhearted

An Amazon #1 Bestseller

This book is a roadmap through your grief journey. This book provides reassurance through the most difficult of trials. Stories of loss vary from death to unemployment, from childhoods erased by abuse to identity crises as life stages end, from miscarriages to health challenges.

Grieving is not just the result of losing a loved one, although those stories are certainly in these pages; it can come from moving, from betrayal, from the ends of relationships, from violent experiences, and from change . . .
in short, it comes from the human experience. In FEW 
International Publications’ second latest collaborative book, readers will find peace and even joy through life’s struggles of denial, pain, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, looking back, loneliness, and transition. They are treated to a year-long, personalized journey of growing closer to God at the very time when they may feel most abandoned. This book and its writers are truly the readers’ companions as they heal their way forward through their grief and toward rebuilding, acceptance, and eternal hope.



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